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Reezwan  a.k.a  Rez  –  Creative Captain with ‘no excuses’

Founder of sareze creative & a lover of simple, effective design. His critical eye oversees all the creative output of the agency & he works closely with our clients to make sure their needs & his drive for design excellence coincide.


You could describe Reezwan as sport obsessed, serif font loathing, total stickler to attention to detail, Swiss design obsessed, eternal inspiration seeker & the owner of a pocket-sized dog called Crunchie.

Chetan  a.k.a  Joshi  –  Creative Director ‘par excellence’

Graphic designer by birth & it’s all he lives for. His love for all things design, strong sense of aesthetics & perfect balanced nature make him a real power to reckon with when it comes to creative ideas to fulfil our clients’ desires.


You could describe Chetan as a pizza loving, Olympic level Wii gaming & movie-watching connoisseur.

Riaz  a.k.a  RK  –  IT & Web Guru ‘with attitude’

Many years experience as a web developer & loves to try out the latest technologies – which makes him ideally placed to decide precisely which one will provide the optimum input for our clients’ projects.


You could describe Riaz as a chilled out, no nonsense, mixology obsessed, keen traveller & worshipper of new technology.

Sandra  a.k.a  Silk  –  Senior Designer ‘con crème frais’

Began her advertising career 5 years ago in London, after a short stint at the BBC. She exercises her powers with an armful of varying skills making her an extremely useful member of the team.


You could describe Sandra as a bathroom singing, story-telling, keen photographer & a dreamer.

Cate  a.k.a  KT  –  Illustrator & Copywriter ‘avec vigour’

A career spanning four continents & has been involved in some of the most effective & innovative marketing of the past decade. Her all or nothing approach to getting things right sits perfectly.


You could describe Cate as an enthusiastic travelling, hamburger eating, rebellious redhead, & retired guitarist.

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